Friday, March 2, 2012

And what a roar the beginning was!

There have been a few times this winter that I've wished for just a little snow.  Well, Thusday we got just a little snow.  A most snow that has ever fallen in the Greater Portland area on a March First dumped 13 inches of new snow.  Both Portland and Scarborough hit the 13 mark.  Westbrook got 10 inches.  I was happy that neither Gator Wife nor I had to leave the homestead Thursday.

I'm also lucky that my only neighbor has a plow and we have a shared driveway, at least the entrance is shared.  Since he plows his yard, he's kind enough to take a few swipes in mine, also.  The work I have to do this Friday is mostly just cleaning up the drifted snow from overnight. 

I'll get that done while GW is at work Friday morning.  Our daughter is coming over Friday night to help get the deck cleaned.  She completed her yard Thursday night and called with the self-invitation, "If you'll give me some meatloaf and onion potatoes, I'll come over after work to help with the deck."  You'd be amazed at how fast GW accepted that offer.

Another storm is forecast to slam into us Saturday.  This one, however, we're told will be a wind-swept rain.  It's really important we get our walkway, steps, driveway, and deck cleared of snow before it gets here.  My snow blower hates water.

It looks right now like we'll end this beginning of March Weekend on a sunny and pleasant temperature note Sunday.  And the temperatures could climb back to the 50s by mid week.

March has roared in like a lion.  Let's hope that's it for this year and it will settle down to leave like the lamb in a few weeks.

I hope you don't strain yourselves or overwork getting your yard cleaned and can enjoy the better part of your weekend.


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