Saturday, September 4, 2010


Other than the humidity, Hurricane Friday was a pretty nice day here in our little part of Maine.  We learned early that Earl, the hurricane, was dying out well south of us.  By the time it passed the coast near the Gators' home, it had all but fizzled out.

Just for the record, we did get a little light wind Friday night into Saturday morning and my rain gauge recorded about an inch and a quarter of rain.  By 6:30 Saturday morning, the rain had moved out of our area and we were already looking forward to the sun returning, which it did by mid-morning.

Once again, as happens very frequently with the weather people around here, we were deluged with super hype all week long about the ravaging potential of an approachinbg storm that fizzled out before getting here.  I suspect the local news media, and national, too, for that matter, love these storms as it gives them something to report.  They certainly have lost any ability to report any real, meaningful unbiased news.

Now we look forward to the rest of this Labor Day weekend, and with relatively nice temperatures it looks like it'll be a good end to traditional summer season.  Yes, I know, summer doesn't truly end for another three weeks, but we celebrate summer primarily in the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

School also used to start right after Labor Day, but for some reason many now begin in the last week of August.  That major accomplishment seems to only screw up teens' summer jobs and family vacations.  But it also gives the education system a chance to add some of those incredibly valuable teacher workshop days to the school year.  (I hope you're reading the sarcasm here.)  Another accomplishment this year is some schools have already used up a winter "Storm Day" because of the oppressive heat and humidity of last week.

Labor Day also meant parades and festivities.  Politicians took advantage of the gatherings to kick off their runs for the November elections.  Now, of course, with a few notable exceptions, the Big Drive began right after last Novembers balloting or even sooner.

I hope you and your friends have a super Labor Day weekend and enjoy the family and friends' get-togethers as we all officially say "Good-bye" to Summer 2010 in Maine.  There is a bright side to that end this weekend; the temperatures and humidity will allow us to get a good night's sleep at last.

Added on Saturday:  I watched the Gators football game this afternoon.  This is going to be one mighty long season.


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