Monday, September 6, 2010

Election season underway; but only mentioned here for now.

I hope you had a good Labor Day Weekend.  The weather was certainly much nicer that it has been for a while and we even survived a one day hurricane threat that never materialized, at least in our little part of the state.

Now we're underway for the election season, and a pip it promises to be.  We have good candidates vying for governor, first and second district congress seats, and a host of local elections both for state legislative offices and local ones.

As I see and hear things that intrigue me, either in their ridiculousness or outright lies, or even good ideas, I'll pass them along with my thoughts.  But every day won't be a new slam on Maine politics.

So let's start this work week off with just a couple minor items that just intrigue me.  Both deal with advertising.  The first one is about those $19.99 plus shipping and handling offers that frequently offer you a second one "Free," just pay separate shipping and handling.  Well, in my way of thinking, if I have to pay anything, that thing isn't "free."  I should quickly point out that I've never bought one of those $19.99 TV items.

The other one is also a "free" offering.  One of the more popular readers, perhaps the most popular one, has just released the newest version.  It has two versions of its regular size reading device, one for $139 and one for $189.  The first version includes free wi-fi so people with home networks can easily download books, magazines, etc., for reading.  The second version, for $50 dollars more includes a free 3G connection.

I've probably missed something, but the advertising indicates that the connectivity in both versions is included free.  I can't help but wonder why the free 3G costs an additional $50. 

I don't have one, but the idea of a reading device is intriguing.  I do like to read and such a device with the literary material stored on a convenient sized device is something I've frequently contemplated owning.


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