Friday, September 3, 2010

The hurricane cometh...or maybe not!

One might come close to assuming all the super hype of the past week was just as many of us thought...just super hype.  As this day broke, we learned that the Hurricane Earl is not going to wreak the damage on Maine, at least our part of the state, as we were led to believe.

First of all, that hurricane like most that hit the north Atlantic appears to be falling apart.  When it passes out to sea east of us in Southern Maine tonight it will have dropped to a tropical storm.  The latest observations indicate we'll get sustained winds of 25 miles and hour or less with gusts up to 35 mph.  We will probably get wet with one to as much as three inches of rain.

Now Downeast Maine will feel some somewhat stronger winds and possibly a little more rainfall, but as of now it would appear that the hurricane will be no more.  Trees, wires, boats, etc., are still facing the chance of some serious problems.

I haven't seen all the local weather forecasters' reports, but Earl seems to be doing just about what Ch. 6 meteorologist Keith Carson said it would do in his forecasts earlier this week. 

I'll keep this one short, but it certainly appears as if Earl will be just another hype that keeps news people busy for a period of time much longer than necessary.  I wonder if I would paise their work if we got a direct hit.


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