Thursday, December 26, 2013

A super day!

What a wonderful day Christmas was!  At least in our family.  Because of the size of our small remaining family in Maine, our celebration is small, but each of us got what we wanted or needed and the Christmas dinner was its usual deliciousness.  It would be nice to duplicate the day another time, like next year.
Naturally, it was the pups that had the best day.  Our ten-year old Golden Retriever Mariah and our daughters six-month Golden puppy brandy first started out examining a bag full of new toys that awaited them.

That's Brandy in near right.

I don't think Santa knew what noise that small soccer ball made.  Instead of a usual doggy toy squeaky noise, the ball sounds the roar of a crowd.  I'm not sure what will happen first...the disappearance of the toy or our insanity.

One thing is for sure, neither animal will be without toys for a long time.

It was a cold day in Maine and many folk in our state had to celebrate without electricity.  And some of those folk won't get their power back until later today or tomorrow.  I guess I'm selfish in my happiness that our family wasn't among them.

Now the time has come to begin looking ahead to a brand, new year.  It is still about a week away, but we're hoping it'll be a great year.


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