Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It was "white" after all!

Christmas is behind us for another year.  It was a wonderful Christmas in the GiM household and I hope your home echoed ours.  As usual, my two gals, wife and daughter, put together a superior Christmas meal.

Christmas is difficult in families like ours.  As the years go along and as our age seems to increase, we now tend to get things we need and want as we go along.  That makes shopping for Christmas presents somewhat difficult.  Nevertheless, I think we all were creative enough so that we had a terrific day.

My "fading hope" of last week got revived as snow began falling early in the day and continued all day.  Although we've had snowier White Christmases, we got enough in our yard for me to proclaim a White Christmas here.  That just added to the day's enjoyment.

I love it when it snows as it did and then the snow stops.  This year, however, the forecast calls for some of us to get blasted again Thursday possibly into Friday with more on the way after that.  Although I live in what is projected to be a somewhat rainy event with some snow accumulation, one wouldn't have to travel far inland to find a lot more than people my age like.  I've seen some projections of up a foot or more.  I guess we'll know more later this week.

Our Tree is down already but the Village remains.  It's got another week or two of life.

I hope you have great days after Christmas and that all your presents fit and were appropriate so you won't have to fight the lines of returns.  We won't have to go to the stores.