Saturday, December 1, 2012

December has arrived and we're just looking forward to a good month.  It'll be a relatively quiet one here on A Gator in Maine.

We are updating our pictures of Village 2012 to see if we can't get some clearer shots.  If we have success, we'll update what you have seen as well as the pictures on my personal web site.  Here's one new one:

From our Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" collection.
I have a sad note to add this season, however.  Mariah's (our Gator Golden) sister unexpectedly passed into Doggy Heaven.  Haley belonged to our daughter and visited us often.  The two dogs really loved each other and loved romping in our back yard.  Our daughter has lost a wonderful companion and she will be missed.
"Haley" Oct. 6, 2003 - Nov. 28, 2012
You were a very good girl and a super companion.

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