Friday, June 29, 2012

A litle ride

My wife and I decided to take a little day trip recently.  We really had no special place to go, so as a starting point, we picked the new Oxford Casino.  We are not gamblers and had no intentions of going inside the place, but probably we should have.

After all the hype about the place we expected something spectacular.  Both of us agreed that the outside is slightly less.  In fact neither of us was impressed at all.  We weren't the only ones there.  Many cars and other vehicles of most all types and descriptions were in the various parking lots, so I cannot say people are turned off by our perception of the exterior.  But then most of the people in those other transporters were there to gamble and not just to get a glimpse of the place.

And that's probably why we should have gone inside to see what it looks like there.  We didn't.  There was nothing on the outside to entice in.  Perhaps we've been spoiled by casinos in other places that did call out to us, although once inside all we did was gawk at the proceedings.  At least I guess we can say that we've been to the casino in Oxford.

Along the way we stopped in Gray for breakfast.  My Texas style cinnamon French toast was very good.  I'm not sure what "Texas style" means, but the bread was bigger than most restaurant French toasts.  My wife had an egg combination which she said was hot and extremely good.

I saw what I would consider a rather sad sight in that restaurant.  At the table across the aisle from us were a man and his young son waiting for their orders to arrive.  Each had a cell phone and each was just sitting there texting.  There was no conversation.  Their food arrived and the man changed from texting to a phone call.  He was conducting some business while both he and the young boy were eating their breakfast.

Later I mentioned to my wife that I thought that was a sad time.  She pointed out that the man was probably a businessman with some urgent business.  I know not and should not judge; but it seems to me a dad and son could put away their phones for the half hour it took to enjoy a meal together and to share information on their lives. 

Of course they had to drive someplace when they left the establishment, but I'd bet there was a lot more attention paid to those cell phones than to each other.  It may be a comment on today's society.  After all, there is currently a commercial on the TV that has a man and his older son standing side by side texting to each other.  We know that because the text is also shown on the TV screen.

Sad sights quite frequently are accompanied with happy ones, and that was the case at the restaurant.  A young family was in another nearby booth.  As they finished their meal, the waitress came along to ask if everything was all right. 

The mother in the group said it was not and demanded to see the manager.  Only a moment passed before the lady manager arrived at the table.  As she approached, she said she was sorry there was a problem...then burst into joyous laughter.  "Oh my goodness, you have gotten here early," she exclaimed as she bent to hug and kiss the family members.

The 'complaining' mother smiled and looked at the waitress and explained there was no problem; she just wanted to surprise the manager, her mother.  She said the family was from out of state and was just arriving for a visit.

The pleasurable exchange was continuing as we left the restaurant.

We continued our trip all the way to New Hampshire on Route 26 before turning for home.  It was then my wife got just a wee bit nervous.

Understand, my wife doesn't speed.  If the speed limit is 55, she sets the cruise on 53 or 54.  If that limit is 35, she doing 34.  About the only exception is a 65 mph highway where she tries to hit that 65, not the 69 or 70 most people drive. 

Therefore, she wasn't concerned when a State Trooper pulled in behind her as she left Rt. 302 in Fryeburg and headed south.  But, even though she stuck to her personal habits, that Trooper established a safe distance behind her and it remained very consistent.  When the limit dropped to 50 or 45 or 40, my wife dropped her speed accordingly and only edged back up when the limit became higher.

That Trooper's distance never varied.  Mile after mile, as her speed went up and down, so did the Trooper's.  Finally, after a half hour of the dance, the police officer turned off, probably heading for the then nearby barracks.

"Phew!" was her comment.

Looks like we'll have a warm weekend.  I hope you have a great one.


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