Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer has "officially" begun!

That wasn't a bad weekend here on my little swamp.  The weather wasn't perfect, but it was more good than bad. 

Gardening got seriously underway as plants and vegetables got planted.  We're trying a new method this season using various containers for most of the vegetables.  We haven't had great luck for the past two years with putting them directly into the ground, so a change became a necessary experiment.

The Red Sox showed up for scheduled games.  Well, some of them even if not enough to put on the field showed up.  The rest that played, I think, were borrowed from the kids' league someplace.  Pretty old kids, though.  I think they're suffering from letting certain players get away during the winter.  One might think they should have at least picked up some pitchers in the off season.  Oh, well.  Is it too early to start the "wait 'til next year" rant?

Old Orchard Beach is now open for the season.  I don't go there very much anymore, but it is nice it's there.  We do like the onion rings at Bayley's on the Pine Point Road and the French fries at the Pier Fries.  We like Bill's Pizza, too.  But the rides?  Well, we stopped "riding" many years ago.

It was the traditional weekend for opening summer camps for the season.  Here's my deep past remembrance for today.  I saw an ad the other day for a camp on Little Sebago Lake for sale for just 375+ thousand dollars.  It was a lakefront property.  It brought back an opportunity I had about 50 years ago.  Some guy was breaking up his kid's camp property on Little Sebago Lake.  I could have had a lakefront lot with a sandy beach for just about ten grand.  I didn't think I could afford it.   I hate to think what that lot might be worth today.

I can't help but wonder if we'll ever see some real, nice traditional Maine summer weather.  Sometimes I can't help but wondering if maybe there might be something to this climate change stuff going around.  Every time I start wondering about it, though, I get reminded the change is, in spite of all the hype, just normal changes our planet sustains.  After all, where I am right now was a couple miles below the ice and snow a few million years ago.  I wonder what humans did then to cause all that melting.  Never mind humans hadn't been invented yet.  Small technicality.  But have you ever seen an explanation?

We Mainers don't pay a whole lot of attention to calendars sometimes.  This past weekend was a traditional one here, the "official" start of the summer season.  The season will last until Labor Day, again we'll pay no mind to dates.  There is at least one other fun weekend just a few weeks away.  The Fourth of July Holiday Weekend starts on a Friday this year, so we'll be enjoying those snaps, whizzes, bangs and booms for three whole days, most of which will be legitimate.

I love this season.


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