Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Winter Storm (another miss) and basketball

Talk about hedging weather predictions would lead you directly to the forecasters calling the weather for Wednesday.  Naturally, all the "models" and that ever present "depending on the track" have come into play.  About the only thing this Monday night we can be sure of is that we'll have some weather Wednesday.

Added Tuesday AM:  This day has dawned with very bright sunshine and blue skies.  But it is about as cold as it's ever been in Maine this late in March with temps only in the teens at 8 AM.  The morning forecast says tomorrow's storm will all but miss our area but will be near blizzard conditions Down East.

Perhaps a lot, especially Down East, but more likely a brushing, especially in my area of Southern Maine.  One forecaster says the Down East and mid-Maine coastal areas probably will get plowable snow while the Southern sections will get a dusting to possibly an inch.  The further inland one goes, the lesser the amount of snow.  Now, says that same forecaster, if the storm which will become a blockbuster well to the south of us out in the Atlantic makes a very slight turn to the left, all that will change and we'll all get a blasting.

So, the only thing for us to do is wait until Wednesday and see what happens.  I love those positive forecasts of our local weather forecasters.  One thing that is scary, though, is their track record, especially for this year.  It seems like when a dusting has been forecast, we've had six inches or more and when those six inches or more have been forecast, we haven't even had to shovel.  Ah, the fun and surprises of living in coastal Southern Maine.

Phew!  We waited and now this Wednesday morning at about 6:50 we offer this edit:  The forecasters seem to have hit this one right on the head.  No sign of snow in the Greater Portland area right now and we're told we could get a minor flurry or two before the day is over, but we won't get that blizzard which is still forecast for the Down East area.  Cape Cod in Massachusetts is getting clobbered, but the storm is probably just a wee bit to far south to hit us.  So, those hard working forecasters seem to have nailed this one.  And I, for one, am not disappointed.  And that ends this edit.

Let's turn to some sports.  Did you get to see any of the NCAA men and women's basketball tournaments this past weekend?  I sure do hope so because there were some really great games, like that one between Kentucky and Wichita State.  The undefeated Shockers were shocked when they couldn't the ball through the hoop as the final buzzer rang out.  Wichita State's undefeated season came to an abrupt end.

Syracuse and Dayton was another nail biter as the Orange also could not get the ball through the hoop at the end.  The Florida Gators ousted Pittsburgh from the tourney as the Gators reached the Sweet Sixteen.

Stanford and Kansas was another upset nail biter as was Iowa State against North Carolina State, although in that one, the higher seed pulled it off at the end.

The woman's tourney wasn't quite as exciting and many games were determined almost at there tip offs.  The Florida women's game was one of the upset victories as they beat the Dayton women.  (Edited to add:  Unfortunately and sadly, the Gator Women are heading home after Tuesday's game.)

Nevertheless, all the games were, including those several upsets, made this past basketball weekend one of the best.

Now this old Gator turns his attention to Thursday night when Florida plays UCLA for a spot in the elite eight.  Unfortunately, the game doesn't start until close to 10 PM, and that's past my bedtime.

Finally, next Monday, the World Champion Boston Red Sox open their defense as the regular baseball season will be well underway.  The Sox play Baltimore in Baltimore.

Now, the anticipation of what will or won't be Wednesday begins.


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