Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year

It's a little early to say what weather we here in Southern Maine are in for Sunday night into Monday, but the weather folk on Saturday had posted a Blizzard Watch for a possible 12-18 inches of snow.  We've learned in the past that it's the unexpected storm that leaves us the most snow, but every now and then they hit it right on.  We'll see what happens with this one; meanwhile, we'll make the necessary preparation just in case the forecast is correct.  (Edited Mon. mid-day:  And those past lessons continued to be proven in this storm.)

And now it's a week of ending and then a new beginning!  Christmas is behind us for 2010, and I truly hope each of you had a super one.  It surely was for the Gator Clan.  And now we're in for a week of the endless "The Best of . . . 2010" (you fill in the blank). 

Maine has already celebrated a portion of the beginning of a new year, and, potentially, a new ideal in the way the State conducts itself.  The Legislature has already been sworn in and we'll get a new governor in just a few weeks.  For the first time in about 40 years, Replublicans will lead us in both houses of the state legislature and in the governor's office.  Those elected individuals have a daunting task facing them in making changes to our economy that will slow down our rapid slide into socialism in our state and allow the business community to grow and create jobs.

Can, will, they achieve success?  Only time can answer that, but it will take bold courage to do it.  The big, unanswered question is do they have the courage?

I guess there's one negative for the outgoing year.  I didn't lose as much weight as I had hoped.

Well, perhaps two.  I'm a big guy and I surely do love cake.  I've been watching a commercial on TV for the last few weeks about a company that makes spices and things for cooking.  It featured a red velvet cake.  That cake sure did look good and even though I don't remember ever having one, I seemed like one I'd like.  Guess what?  Cakes don't taste too good made with packaged turkey gravy.

Changing the topic back to what it was for the past several weeks, the Gator Clan Village.  It'll survive for another week or two before the many pieces are put back in their boxes and packed away for another long eleven months sleep.

I think I have one thing for which to be grateful this week.  The Clan doesn't have any reason to fight the crowds at the return counters at the many stores.  On the other hand, this is the last week of the month and normally a group of us meet for lunch on the last Wednesday.  Annually, however, and this year was no exception, we cancel the December session just for the that "fighting the mob," mostly parking in our position in life, reason.

So, as this 2010 races to its close, the entire Gator Clan takes this opportunity to wish you a Most Happy New Year!


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